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Enjoy exquisite cuisine with panoramic ocean viewsseaview restaurant

seaview Breakfast Buffet

Join us daily for our extensive breakfast buffet, served in the seaview restaurant. 



Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 10:30 am

Saturday/Sunday: 7:00 am - 12:00 pm

$16.95++ per adult

Call 732-571-4000 for reservations

seaview Breakfast


Seasonal Sliced Melons 7.

Fresh Strawberries 9.
lime zest

Non-Fat Greek Yogurt 8.
assorted berries

Avocado with Honey & Granola 9.
banana, marcona almonds, lavender honey

Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal 9.
with raisins & brown sugar

‘Nine & One’ 7.
special k, low fat milk & seasonal berries

Breakfast Cereals 5.
all bran, cheerios, corn flakes, frosted flakes, bran flakes, raisin bran, rice krispies, shredded wheat, special k, fruit loops. accompanied with chilled milk


Vanilla French Toast 11.
warm syrup
Banana & Creme French Toast 13.
Hand Crafted Pancakes 12.
Blueberry or Chocolate Chip Pancakes 14.


Jersey Pork Roll Sandwich 12.
taylor ham, fried eggs, american cheese, kaiser roll & breakfast potatoes

Smoked Salmon 14.
cream cheese, sweet onions, vine ripe tomatoes, capers & a toasted bagel


all specialties are served with hand crafted potatoes, and a choice of white, whole wheat or rye toast

Eggs to Order 11.
two local farm eggs prepared to your liking
with sausage links

Farm Fresh Omelet 12.
choice of onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, ham, bacon, spinach, swiss or american cheese

Eggs Benedict 13.
english muffin, taylor ham & hollandaise sauce

Egg White Frittata 13.
seasonal ratatouille of vegetables, spinach & goat cheese


Belgium Waffle 11.
served with syrup

Signature Waffles 14.
belgium waffles topped with whipped cream, mel sauce, chocolate chips, pecans & bananas

Chocolate Waffles 12.
topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream & shaved chocolate


American Raised Ham Steak 6.
Applewood Bacon 6.
Sausage Patty 4.
Bagel & Cream Cheese 4.
Seasonal Berries 8.
Toast 3.
white, wheat or rye.
Mel’s Pastry Basket 8.
muffins, croissant and danish


Freshly Brewed Coffee 
    Small Pot 7.5
    Large Pot 10.
Pot of Hot Tea 6.
Fresh Orange Juice 6.
Juice 5.
grapefruit, tomato, v-8, 
apple, cranberry, pineapple
Milk 3.5
whole, 2% or skim
Hot Chocolate 5
Espresso 5
Cappuccino 6
Latte 7

Seaview Lunch Menu


Jersey Clam Chowder 8.
apple-smoked bacon, sweet corn, cilantro,
chili-infused olive oil

Caribbean Black Bean Soup 7.
cumin crème fraiche, green onions

Roasted Pineapple Guacamole 10.
plantain and white corn tortilla chips

Coconut Tuna Ceviche 16.
ahi tuna, mango, cucumber, watercress,
blood-orange sorbet

Havana Spring Rolls 11.
roasted pork, cured ham and salami, swiss cheese, pickles, chinese hot mustard

Warm Burrata Pomodoro 13.
creamy fresh mozzarella, herbed bread crumbs,
heirloom baby tomato, fresh basil

Key West Chilled Shrimp 14.
avocado pico, cajun-spiced popcorn,
cilantro-chili sauce

Crispy Buttermilk Calamari 12.
long hot peppers, marinara, fresh lemon

Spanish Sweet Potato Croquettes 10.
beef picadillo, manchego cream, guajillo chili sauce

Classic Buffalo Wings 12.
crisp vegetable sticks, blue cheese dressing, extra napkin

Rustico Flatbread Pizza 10.
fresh mozzarella, basil, plum tomato sauce


Steak & Sweet Mango Salad 17.
grilled marinated skirt steak, crisp vegetable greens,
soy-kiwi dressing

Mojo Marinated Pork Cobb 14.
citrus pork, avocado, blue cheese, eggs, tomato,
mixed greens, mustard vinaigrette

Jersey Beefsteak Tomato Caprese 13.
fresh mozzarella, reggiano-dusted artichokes,
extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic

Greek Spinach Salad 12.
cucumber, tomato, red onion, calamata olives, spanakopita croutons, feta cheese ranch

Seaview Chicken Caesar 14.
crisp romaine, shaved parmesan, focaccia croutons
*substitute today’s catch or grilled shrimp add 2.

New England Lobster Roll 19.
maine lobster salad, split-top buttered bun,
truffle salted fries

Toasted Pastrami Panini 13.
brooklyn pretzel bread, melted swiss,
spicy brown mustard

Ybor City Cuban Sandwich 14.
Mojo pork, cured ham and salami, provolone, swiss, mustard relish, yuca fries

Cajun Rock Shrimp Po’boy 14.
lettuce, tomato, red pepper remoulade, crispy baguette, seasoned fries

Crispy Portobello Panini 13.
roasted mushrooms, arugula, tomato, fresh mozzarella,
pesto mayo

Atlantic Beach Tacos 16/14.
(choice of buttermilk fried fish or chicken)
sweet chili glaze, cilantro sour cream,
kool-aid spiked watermelon

Grilled Chimichurri Steak 23.
10 oz. marinated skirt steak, lemon-parsley sauce,
yuca fries

Rosemary Roasted Chicken 16.
savory rice, fried bananas, chayote squash,
black bean sauce

Today’s Coastal Catch MP
saffron and rock shrimp couscous, grilled mushroom and watercress salad

seaview Dinner Menu


Jersey Clam Chowder 8
apple-smoked bacon, sweet corn,
cilantro, chili-infused olive oil

Caribbean Black Bean Soup 7
cumin crème fraiche, green onions
roasted pineapple guacamole 10
plantain and white corn tortilla chips

Seared Day Boat Scallops 14
chunky lobster sauce, tobiko, sea salt

Coconut Tuna Ceviche 16
ahi tuna, mango, cucumber,
watercress, blood-orange sorbet

Crispy Buttermilk Calamari 13
with long hot peppers, marinara, fresh lemon

Warm Burrata Pomodoro 13
creamy fresh mozzarella, herbed bread crumbs, heirloom baby tomato, fresh basil

Key West Chilled Shrimp 14
avocado pico, cajun-spiced popcorn,
cilantro-chili sauce

Spanish Sweet Potato Croquettes 10
beef picadillo, manchego cream,
guajillo chili sauce

White Chocolate-Habenero Wings 12
maytag bleu cheese dip, extra napkin

Maryland Crab Cake 13
pan-seared lump crabmeat, sweet corn and
edamame salsa, red pepper remoulade


Half or Full Dozen Oysters 15/28
today’s fresh selection from
east and west coasts

Clams on the Half Shell 8/15
local middlenecks with
housemade cocktail sauce

Chilled Jonahs Crab Claws 16
6 pieces with honey mustard dipping sauce

New Zealand Mussels 9
six pieces, with saffron aioli

Smoked Whitefish 12
local atlantic whitefish, fresh lime, pickled red onion, fresh dill and flat bread crackers

Large Cocktail Shrimp 14
half-dozen, horseradish cocktail sauce

Jumbo Lump Crabmeat 18
with creole remoulade

Chilled Whole Maine Lobster 39
with lemon-lavendar butter

Seaview Grand Platter 69
4 shrimp, 4 oysters, 8 clams, 6 mussels,
6 jonahs claws, smoked whitefish,
whole maine lobster

Seaview Sampler 30
2 jumbo shrimp, 2 oysters, 3 mussels,
4 clams, 3 jonahs claws, smoked whitefish


Jersey Beefsteak Tomato Caprese 12
fresh mozzarella, reggiano-dusted artichokes,
extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic

Wedge of Iceberg 11
vine-ripened tomatoes, bacon,
egg, maytag ranch

Seaview Ceasar 10
romaine hearts, foccacia croutons,
shaved reggiano

Chef’s Local Salad 11
organic baby greens, tomato, cucumber,
hearts of palm, herb vinaigrette


Suntanned Salmon 24
saffron pearl couscous, baby spinach,
honey-mango glaze

Florida Orange Grilled Grouper 32
quinoa fried rice, watercress,
clementine beurre blanc

Atlantic Seafood Pot 39
maine lobster, scallops, mussels, clams,
shrimp, red curry coconut nage,

Tamari Grilled Tuna Steak 28
sweet plantains, broccolini,
red pepper, kiwi marinade

Garlic Sugarcane Shrimp Skewer 27
savory basmati rice, popcorn shoots,
baby spinach

Grilled Skirt Steak and Mushroom Escabeche 30
garlic boniato mashed, watercress and
grilled mushroom salad, lemon-parsley sauce

16oz Rib-Eye or 10oz Filet Mignon 34.
hot cherry mashed, lemon buttered asparagus

Grilled Mojo Pork Chop 25
garlic spinach, yuca pie,
crispy radish slaw, black bean sauce

Reggiano Crusted Veal Milanese 29
corn on the cob, heirloom baby tomatoes,
red onion, watercress, capers, aged balsamic

Seared Mango-Glazed Chicken Breast 24
herbed long grain rice, asparagus, natural jus

Wild Mushroom and Fresh Riccota Ravioli 22
goat cheese, spinach, toasted pumpkin seeds,
pearl onions, sherry-mushroom reduction

Clam-Smothered Spaghettini 26
littleneck clams, garlic ciabatta toast,
choice of tomato or white wine sauce

Vegetable Penne Pomodoro 21
artichoke, wild mushrooms, summer peas


Saffron Pearl Couscous 6
Truffle Salted Fries 8
Sweet Plantains 5
Lemon Zest Broccolini 6
Hot Cherry Pepper Mashed 7
Corn on the Cob 4
Garlic Spinach 6
Lemon-Buttered Asparagus 7
Savory Rice with Popcorn Shoots 7
Chef’s Side Salad 6


seaview Lounge Menu


tiki torch
sailor jerry spiced rum, cranberry &
pineapple juice

jersey summer
hendricks gin, st. germaine liqueur, fresh lime, cranberry & grapefruit juice

jersey sweet tea
jeremiah sweet tea vodka, freshly brewed iced tea, peachtree schnapps & lemon

beach cruiser
absolut citron, midori, sour mix & sprite

blue marlin
malibu, blue curacao & pineapple juice

classic dark & stormy
goslings bermuda black rum & ginger beer

rum runner
bacardi & captain morgan, blackberry brandy, banana liqueur, fresh citrus juice & grenadine

ocean place punch
bacardi, malibu & myers, soaked in

tropical fruit & juices
grand pineapple mint margarita
grand marnier, camarena blanco tequila, pineapple & lime juice with mint & simple syrup


lemon drop martini
absolut citron, sour mix & fresh lemon
with a sugar rim

absolut mandarin, lemoncello, campari, simple syrup & splash of orange & cranberry juice

spicy o’
absolut mandarin, orange juice, cranberry juice
muddled jalapeno wheels

pomegranate martini
absolut, pama pomegranate, splash of pomegranate syrup

bronx cocktail
new amsterdam gin, sweet & dry vermouth with a splash of orange juice

silk stalking
camarena blanco tequila, godiva white chocolate liqueur, grenadine & a pinch of cinnamon

cucumber cosmopolitan
hendricks gin & cointreau with cranberry & lime juice

espresso martini
van gogh double espresso, absolut vanilla,
godiva chocolate & cream

tequila mockingbird
camarena reposado, cream de menthe, lime juice
& simple syrup garnished with mint leaves


domestic 5
budweiser, bud light, michelob ultra, coors light,
miller light, yeungling

domesitc 6
anchor steam, sierra nevada ipa, sam adams

import 6
heineken, heineken light, amstel light, corona,
corona light, bass ale, buckler na, blue moon, peroni

import 7
stella artois, guinness


corona limona 8
corona with bacardi limon, lemon wedge

st. germaine shandy 10
stella artois with st. germaine, lemon wedge

grandslam 10
blue moon with grand marnier, orange wedge


Wycliff, California Champagne NV 9
LaMarca, Prosecco, Italy NV 10
Chandon Brut, Napa NV 187mL 14

Sancerre, “Les Champs Clos”, 10
Nicolas, Loire Valley 2010
Sauvignon Blanc, Canyon Road 8
California 2012
Sauvignon Blanc, Starborough, 9
New Zealand 2012
White Zinfandel, Canyon Road 8
California 2012
Pinot Grigio, Canyon Road California 2012 8
Pinot Grigio, Vicolo, Italy 2011 9
Riesling, Seaglass, Monterey County 2011 9
Chardonnay, Canyon Road California 2012 8
Chardonnay, William Hill, 9
Central Coast 2012
Sonoma Cutrer, Russian River Valley 2011 14

Pinot Noir, Canyon Road, California 2012 8
Pinot Noir, Seaglass, Santa Barbara 2012 9
Chianti, Ruffino Superior, Tuscany 2011 9
Malbec, Gascon, Mendoza, Argentina 2011 10
Merlot, Canyon Road, California 2012 8
Cabernet Sauvignon, Canyon Road 8
California 2012
Cabernet Sauvignon, William Hill, 9
Central Coast 2011
Cabernet Sauvignon, Rutherford Ranch, 14
Napa Valley 2011

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